What You May Experience When a Family Member Gets Arrested

What You May Experience When a Family Member Gets Arrested

The arrest of a loved one is some of the most devastating news a family can receive. It causes trauma and fear for the person arrested, and worry for the entire family – that the person arrested could end up languishing behind the cold iron bars of a prison cell. Add to it the financial consequences of an arrest, and the family could be in a quandary.

If you are the one being arrested for any reason, the event will surely have a mental and emotional effect on your family. Even if your guilt has yet to be proven, the word “arrested” could be just too much for your family, and it will lead them to develop bad feelings which could include:

1. Embarrassment or Shame

The arrest of a family member can certainly bring a feeling of embarrassment and humiliation not only to the subject of the arrest but to their family as well. People can be judgmental. You can expect people to prejudge your family even if they don’t have the smallest idea of your story.

2. Financial Stress

This comes as a natural consequence because an arrest, which denotes a violation of the law can involve legal expenses. The arrest of someone will certainly bring financial worries to the family, but it is something the other members have to face together for the sake of the one in legal distress.

3. Guilty Feeling

Members of the “suspect’s” family especially his or her parents can’t help but feel guilty for what has happened. The feeling that they failed somehow makes them put the blame on themselves. It’s even possible for them to think that things wouldn’t have happened if the suspect was brought up differently.

4. Anxiety

Every family member is concerned and involved when one of its members gets arrested.The fear of a possible guilty verdict can certainly make them anxious, especially if the defendant is the head of their family. Moreover, the defendant, afraid of what will happen to his family without him/her, has a tendency to be depressed and emotionally disturbed.

5. Sadness

Any family will certainly be overcome with grief when a member gets arrested. The possibility of imprisonment can make family members feel that they have lost someone.

The above are scenarios that can possibly happen to your family if you or another member gets arrested. These can be devastating, but their negative impact can be prevented.

Here are practical ways you can prevent news of someone’s arrest from defeating your family:

The arrest of a family member can really cause problems and pain. But if it happens, you must find ways to mitigate its impact. Remember, the life of every member of your family should not depend on the fate of the arrested member. You must look and move forward to prevent the situation from taking a toll on your family’s life. Here are some ways you can try:

Accept the Facts

There are things that need to be accepted because they are simply the facts and you can’t change them. Your act of accepting reality should give you strength to move on. Don’t forget that a defendant has a right to post bail to remain free until proven guilty. Call a reliable bail bonds expert like the 24 hour bail bonds Denver area company for help.

Exercise Self-Control

The arrest of someone in the family is certainly a difficult problem, but you can’t solve or mitigate it by blaming others or by getting angry. Face the problem objectively and squarely without placing blame on anyone. Get the real, big picture and find a better approach to solve your problem. Seek legal advice, your lawyer will certainly recommend you to post bail. With the help of a competent bail bond agent like a bail bondsmen in Denver CO, you can certainly overcome your present predicament.

Don’t Judge Yourself

As much as possible, do not allow the circumstances to cause you shame and embarrassment, as it can make you lose respect for yourself for something you didn’t even do. You don’t deserve to get such kind of treatment from anyone. Think of ways to help the defendant avoid jail instead, such as seeking help from professionals like the bail bondsmen in Denver CO.

Don’t Let the Problem Cause Financial Woes for You

Try to relax. Don’t let financial worries take you down in an already stressful situation. You have lots of resources that can help ease the financial burden associated with the arrest of a loved one. Two of these are a public defender who can provide you with free legal assistance, and a reputable bail bond agency that can help the defendant obtain temporary freedom. If you live in Colorado, you should be able to find a trustworthy 24 hour bail bonds Denver area agency that can help you immediately.

Get Proper Counseling

If you are really traumatized by the circumstances, you should help yourself by avoiding that feeling of sadness and guilt for things that happened through counseling. You should also ask the one that got arrested to seek counseling as well. He/She needs it to be able to see things clearly from a reasonable perspective, and offer or ask forgiveness for mistakes that have been made. This will allow your family to move on.

If you are a member of a family that is experiencing the arrest of a loved one, you should try to stay calm instead of panicking.

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