Are You Being Arrested? Remember the Basic Dos and Don’ts

Are You Being Arrested? Remember the Basic Dos and Don’ts

An arrest happens when a police officer takes an individual into custody and places them in jail. In Jefferson County, Colorado and most parts of the United States, an arrest can occur if the officer catches a suspect red-handed or sees probable cause for the arrest. A judge may also issue a warrant because of probable cause.

Individuals who are suspected of robbery, for example, may be questioned and arrested under probable cause. The accused will be handcuffed while being read the “Miranda Rights,” and placed into a police car to be sent to jail.

Your actions as an arrested individual can significantly impact your case. What should you do if you are under arrest in Jefferson County, CO? Here are the top do’s and don’ts:

DON’T resist or use force.

Don’t resist an arrest—including those that you think are unlawful—or risk being charged with Resisting Arrest. You can worsen your situation if an altercation occurs and results in serious injuries, because you can be charged with Battery of a Police Officer. Fight in court through your lawyer.

DO keep quiet.

Upon arrest, the police’s role shifts from being an arresting officer to an interrogator. You will be asked questions in an attempt to tease out a confession from you. What you say may be incriminating, so it is best to avoid talking. Whether or not you are directly or indirectly involved, you should not say anything unless you have a lawyer to represent you.

DO invoke your rights.

One of your rights as an arrested individual is access to a lawyer. After an arrest, do not talk to anyone—not even your family—until you have a legal counsel who knows the best course of action.

DO ask for help.

Arrested people are entitled to a phone call to get in touch with their family, contact a lawyer, and get the best bail bonds in Jefferson County. Use the opportunity to tell your family about your situation. Get the help you need by obtaining legal assistance. Always assume, however, that the arresting authorities are monitoring most, if not all, your calls.

DO get access to bail bonds.

A bail bond service is your ticket to getting out of jail fast. Legally termed provisional liberty or conditional release, gaining freedom through bail or a bail bond is possible based on factors such as the defendant’s criminal history, the type of crime, and the likelihood of the person becoming a fugitive.

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