Things You Must Know If You’re Co-Signing a Bail Bond

Things You Must Know If You’re Co-Signing a Bail Bond

When a friend or loved gets thrown in jail in the State of Colorado, deciding to help comes naturally. If you want your relative or friend to obtain freedom while waiting for trial, you need to call a bail bonds agency, pick the best option, and become a bail bond co-signer. Upon co-signing the bail bond, the bail will be posted and the defendant will be released from jail pending a court trial to resolve the charges.

 Your Responsibilities as a Co-Signer

By co-signing a bail bond, you agree to satisfy the bail amount. More importantly, you are responsible for the defendant who is out on bail. When the judge sets the dates for court hearings, the defendant should be present. You are also expected to know the hearing dates and hold the defendant accountable.

In addition, the accused on bail may not be allowed to leave Colorado while out on bail without the approval of the court and the bonding agent. Upon signing off on a bail bond, you should make sure that these obligations are fulfilled.

Your Rights as a Co-Signer

While you will be asked to meet some conditions as a co-signer you are also afforded some rights. You can make requests and set conditions before co-signing the bail bond. You may, for example, obligate the defendant to attend a rehabilitation program or be subjected to a mental health assessment.

If the defendant deliberately skips a court hearing, you, as a co-signer, can report the situation to the court and ask the bail bond company to put the defendant back in jail.

Your Risks as a Co-Signer

When you decide to co-sign a bail bond, remember that there are risks that come with that agreement. There are situations that, as an indemnitor, you will be required you to pledge your property as guarantee.

You will be asked to agree to pay the full bond should the accused flee and refuse to cooperate with the court. After all, co-signing is essentially taking on responsibilities for the appearance of the defendant in court.

Get the Best Bail Bonds Service

Choosing a dependable bail bonds agency is one of the first critical steps for securing bail. Remember that different laws and regulations apply to different states, which is why it is important to find a bail bond company with sufficient industry expertise and decades of experience.

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