Avoiding Jail Time for A Speeding Ticket in Colorado

Avoiding Jail Time for A Speeding Ticket in Colorado

Imprisonment might not be the first thing you think about when you get a speeding ticket in Colorado. Unfortunately, you have to think twice because speeding violations can mean jail time. The good news is, you have the right to defend yourself with the help of an attorney and a professional Colorado bail bonds agent to secure your freedom.

For you to avoid jail time, follow traffic rules at all times when driving on the roads of Colorado. To do that, you must first understand Colorado’s Speeding Laws and Penalties.

Speeding Laws in Colorado

The speeding laws in Colorado come in three categories: the fundamental speeding law, the presumed speed limits, and the absolute speed limits. You will be penalized depending on the type or degree of your violation.

Basic Speeding Law. It prohibits driving at speed “greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions then existing.” The main idea is to always drive at a safe speed in a given situation. Fifty-five miles per hour might be safe on a sunny day but dangerous on a dark and icy road.

Presumed Speed Limit. There is a “presumption” that you are driving at an unsafe speed. If you have this kind of ticket, you still have the chance to defend yourself in court and prove that you were, in fact, driving at a safe speed.

Absolute Speed Limit. You’ve violated the law if you drive above an absolute speed at any time and in any circumstances.

Traffic Infraction Vs. Criminal Traffic Offense

If police officers pull you over for a hefty speeding violation, you can ensure your temporary freedom through bail bonds Colorado.  Depending on the law you violate is the kind of speeding ticket you’ll receive, you might face a traffic infraction or a Criminal Traffic offense.

An infraction is considered a minor offense, and you must pay a fine. In other words, the violator won’t be jailed and will incur points in his driving records. In Colorado, the motorist will face license suspension if they accumulate too many points for 12 to 24 months.

A criminal traffic offense is more severe than traffic infraction and will receive criminal charges plus a higher fine. It is classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony. If your case falls under this category, you are required to appear in court and entitled to your Constitutional rights like hiring a lawyer and a Colorado bail bonds agent.

Keep in mind that your traffic violation can be escalated to a higher degree if there is an additional violation present aside from speeding such as:

  • reckless driving,
  • driving under the influence (alcohol or drugs), and
  • driving while suspended or revoked, and other criminal offenses.

The best way to avoid imprisonment is to adhere to Colorado’s Speeding Law at all times! If you are being pulled over or arrested by authorities because of speeding, you can invoke your Constitutional Rights in the process.

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