Top 10 Most Expensive Bail Amounts in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Bail Amounts in the World

If you got arrested and the court had granted you bail, the first thing you might want to do is find a bail bond agency to help pay the bail. On average, bail amounts usually equate to roughly $10,000. The bail bond agency will only require you to pay a premium, which is usually 10 to 15% of the total bail amount provided that you follow certain conditions.

That’s quite an expensive amount, but you would be surprised to know that in the United States alone, some of the most expensive bails in history had reached $250 million! While the Eighth Amendment prohibits excessive bail, many judges set enormously high bail in certain cases. This is if they find a reason to believe that the suspected offenders will evade pending trial.

Take a look at the top 10 most expensive bail in the history of the world:

  1.     Michael Milken – $250 million

Michael Milken is an American business magnate who was involved in the Wall Street case in 1989. In what was dubbed as the largest Wall Street investigation at the time, Milken was found guilty of 98 counts of securities fraud and racketeering.

  1.     Julius Meinl – $133 million

Julius Meinl is a British billionaire who was accused of secretive share buybacks linked to his European Land Company.

  1.     Kening Ma – $100 million

Kening Ma is from Southern California, who was accused and later found guilty of selling all-terrain vehicles that have no smog certificate.

  1.     Shirley Ji – $75 million

She is Kening Ma’s wife and was also accused and later found guilty for having involvement in the business fraud.

  1.     Tifanny Li – $66 million

Tiffany Li is a California murder suspect who was accused of working with her boyfriend to kill her ex-boyfriend, who was the father of her daughters. The bail was first set at $35 million but was later jumped to $66 million by California courts.

  1.     Bernie Madoff – $10 million

Bernie Madoff is an American personality who was involved in a $50 billion Ponzi scheme.

  1.     Bernard Ebbers – $10 million

Bernard Ebbers was a Canadian business tycoon and former CEO of WorldCom. He was charged with serious allegations of securities fraud of his company and for filing a false statement.

  1.     Dennis Kozlowski – $10 million

Dennis Kozlowski is a former CEO of Tyco International and was accused of stealing $600 million from his company.

  1.     Jeff Skilling – $5 million

Jeff Skilling is a former Enron executive who was charged with fraud and conspiracy.

  1. Andrew Fastow – $5 million

Andrew Fastow, also a former Enron executive, was accused and later found guilty of fraud and conspiracy along with Jeff Skilling.

Bail is not the same for everyone. Your bail may be nowhere near this amount of money, but on average, the bail amount can still be a struggle to meet. It’s important to work with a reliable bail bond agency that can make it easier and more affordable for you to pay bail. 

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