What to Do When Bailing an Adult Child Out of Jail

What to Do When Bailing an Adult Child Out of Jail

It could be the biggest dilemma of any parent – whether to bail or not bail his/her adult child. Some parents would let their adult children feel the tough love and let their son or daughter spend the night in jail. That was a kind of lesson that your children won’t ever forget. 

However, rules and conditions in county jail vary. There could be an instance wherein the prisoner who wasn’t bailed out quickly can be transferred into a bigger facility. And bigger jails and prisons are usually not a teen-friendly place. 

As a parent, what’s important is you know the consequences that your adult child will face after you have the decision to bail them or not. And if you’ve decided to look for bail bonds near me for your adult child but still want to learn his or her lesson, you can do these things to help discipline them.

Set the Rules for Your Adult Child

Talk and set the rules and conditions for bailing your adult child out of jail. Your son or daughter might get released on the citation the first time they’ve broken the law, but the repetitive bad behavior could send them to jail for the rest of their lives. That’s why as early as now, set the boundaries! Explain that, after they get released, they should learn how to follow the rules you impose. Set restrictions such as no drinking or taking illegal drugs, no verbal abuse or rudeness, no communication between problematic friends, and no stealing. 

Set Expectations

Just like setting up the boundaries for your adult child, it is vital to tell them your expectations as you help them get back their freedom. You may set up a schedule for them to follow like a specific time to wake up and do the chores. Aside from helping you with the household chores, you may enroll them in a volunteering program or help them look for a job. 

Support Them Beyond Their Court Case

An adult child might think that it will be hard for him or her to take back his good future since he or she is facing legal cases. It can provoke them to do more wrongdoings because of this mentality. As a parent or guardian, you have to be empathic and help them plan their better future. What’s important is that someone will guide them to be a better human being starting now.

Seek a Professional Bail Bondsman

Finally, hire a bail bondsman near you who will help you lighten up the burden of bailing out your adult child. Compare with the requirement to pay 100 percent of the bail amount set by the court. It is cheaper to spend 10 to 15 percent of the bail amount in a licensed bail bonds agency. The bail bondsman can also help you to be reminded of your adult child’s bail conditions. 

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