Can’t afford a bail bond: How long do you have to stay in jail?

Can’t afford a bail bond: How long do you have to stay in jail?

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you’ll usually have to post bail to keep your freedom until your court date. The difficulty is that many people cannot afford to put down bail money, and this is where the issues arise.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how long you’ll have to stay in jail if you can’t afford bail in this blog post. We’ll also inform you about some of the bail bonds services you should look into. So, here’s what we’ve got:

If you can’t afford a bail bond, how long must you spend in jail?

In essence, you’ll have to remain in jail until you’re sentenced. Depending on the charges and the court, this might take months or even years. They will not let you go free if you cannot afford to post bail with the court.

As a result, you will be held in custody until your court date, when you will either be sentenced or found not guilty and released.

Various reasons that influence your jail time

The length of time you spend in prison is determined by a variety of circumstances. If the judge is aware that you are incarcerated and unable to pay your bail and afford to avail the bail bonds near me options , the judge may decide to expedite your case. This does not happen very often; it is dependent on the number of cases in the area and the judge assigned to your case.

Aside from that, the reason you were caught and put in jail in the first place will have an impact on how long you spend there. For major situations with plenty of intricacies, it can take quite some time to acquire your court date. Furthermore, there may be roadblocks along the route.

There is no constant assurance of maximum time

It’s vital to remember that there’s no limit to how long you can be detained in jail awaiting your court date. As a result, you could be kept in prison for years while waiting for word on your court date.

This can be a huge waste of time. You could be enjoying your freedom while preparing for your court appearance, which is why contacting bail bonds near me is a viable choice.

How can you ensure that you do not have to spend this much time in prison?

You may often get out of jail by calling a bail bonds company, and you will only have to put down an amount of money.

Of course, there are various conditions to being bailed out. You must be a homeowner, have good credit, or have a decent job in order to be eligible. Aside from that, your criminal history and the nature of the charges will be considered.

Another alternative is to have a loved one co-sign your bail bond arrangement, declaring that they would make payments and ensure that you attend all of your court appointments until your case is resolved.

It can be hard dealing with a loved one arrested and do not have ample amount of money to avail bail bonds service. Good thing, there are bail bonds like Lucero’s Bail Bonds who are available for you 24/7 to help in ensuring that your loved ones are safe at home with you while awaiting a court date. Call now!

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