Alternative bail bonds collaterals aside from cash

Alternative bail bonds collaterals aside from cash

When we talk of bail bonds, we literally need cash to bail out of jail. But what if we don’t have cash? What should we do? Are there alternatives aside from cash to process bail bonds service?

1. Surety Bond

In most cases, a surety bond is also a popular way of bailing someone out of jail. A surety bond, unlike a cash bond, doesn’t require money upfront. However, bail bonds services don’t automatically grant bonds to anyone so you must prove to them your financial capacity. A surety bond requires ten percent of the bond amount to the bond agency and the bondsman backs the rest. As for the remaining ninety percent, you need to have enough collateral in case the accused skips out on a court date.

2. Property Bond

A property bond comes in the form of collateral and is an excellent option if you don’t have any liquid money to offer. Since it involves collateral, the court will give it back once the defendant successfully adheres to the dates that the court sets. Most courts prefer to use land or buildings as property bonds but others may still accept other types of property. Like the surety bond, it can also take a while to go through due to the property valuation process, inspection and paperwork.

3. Immigration Bail Bond

An immigration bail bond is common for non-citizens accused of being illegal immigrants. Once the accused is eligible for a bond, the net step is the bond hearing. Bond hearings are distinct from deportation hearings, so if you need to further consult, check out bail bonds near me. In addition, an immigration bond can sometimes be hard to get due to the different laws and regulations of the counties, but you can successfully secure an immigration bond if you work with the right team and follow the court orders. If you are looking for good guys to help you out, check out bail bonds near me.

4. Personal Recognizance Bond

It is a rare type of bond where a judge releases someone based on their word that they will come back to court for future hearings. The judge may release someone on nonmonetary conditions which include certain reporting or monitoring requirements if someone could pose a risk of reoffending before they go to trial. If you have a strong claim to release on reconnaissance if you have strong ties to the community, limited previous issues on criminal records, and allegations of non-violent offenses.

5. Citation Bond

A citation bond could be an incredible option but the hardest to obtain. Type bond type requires no fee, as the defendant is never actually taken into custody at all. They’re told they must promise to show up to their court date and make things right in exchange for their release. A release on citation is only offered for petty crimes and first-time offenders.

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