4 Steps to Successfully Bail Someone Out of Jail

4 Steps to Successfully Bail Someone Out of Jail

Did you know that in the United States, a person is arrested every three seconds? In 2016, police enforcement made some 10.6 million arrests for all types of offenses. If a friend or family member of yours in Denver, Colorado has just become a statistic, there is only one thing to do: provide your loved one the chance to walk free, although temporarily, while the case is being considered in the court system. Finding a reliable Denver bail bondsman is the best course of action to take.

For the uninitiated, the processes of obtaining Denver bail bonds can be quite a challenge. It can be very confusing to follow through the procedures, and even tougher to understand these steps as you think about your loved one in jail.

Here’s a simplified walkthrough of the bail bond process:

  1. Gather all information pertaining to the case: The first logical step is to find out the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s arrest. In Denver and the rest of Colorado, individuals can post bail, except those who were arrested for murder and other violent felonies. Get the person’s full name, birth date, the offenses, the location of the jail, and the bond amount.
  2. Contact a dependable Denver bonds provider. When you have all the details pertaining to your loved one’s personal information and arrest circumstances, get in touch with a Denver bail bondsman. You can expect a bail bond specialist to provide you with guidance throughout the bonding process. Make sure that you are dealing with a bondsman that is working for the immediate release of your loved one!
  3. Decide to become a co-signer. Upon knowing the bail amount, determine with finality if you are willing to be a co-signer of the bail bond. Remember that you are expected to perform important responsibilities. You must ensure that the offender attends court hearings and complies with all the bond conditions.
  4. Leave it to your Denver bonds company to do the rest of the work. Your expert Denver bail bondsman will take care of the rest of the bail bond process. The bond will be accepted under specific terms, including the defendant being fully booked into the facility and his or her fingerprints being cleared. The process can take a while, but the defendant is usually released after 4 to 6 hours.
  5. Make sure that the defendant follows all the bond conditions. As previously mentioned, you are responsible for ensuring that, once bailed out, your loved one appears in all court hearings. Failure to comply with this part of the agreement means putting your bond collateral at risk.

Your family member or friend doesn’t have to stay in jail for a long time—especially when they only committed minor violations. Contact Lucero’s Bail Bonds, your top-rated Denver bonds team serving the Front Range area since 1982!

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