4 Tips to Avoid Bail Bond Scams

4 Tips to Avoid Bail Bond Scams

When a person in Denver, Colorado is arrested and detained, they have the privilege to expedite their release while their case is being reviewed in the court system. They can obtain freedom as long as they meet the requirements that qualify them for Denver bonds.

Knowing how to choose the best and legitimate bail bond company in Denver is a critical step to obtaining the right service and getting  you or your loved one out of jail fast. However, because they are in dire need of bail bonds, many become victims of bail bond scammers that present fraudulent documents.

Don’t fall into the trap of securing bail bonds from fraudsters who are out to extort money from you. Here are the best tips to detect a scam:

Look for the bail bond company or agent’s license and the necessary paperwork.

In order to operate, bail bond companies and agents must obtain their license and meet the requirements in Denver and the State of Colorado. Agents have to have their license with them at all times, and bail bond companies need to display their permits conspicuously in their place of business. Steer clear of any company that does not have these documents. Similarly, you need to fill out and complete legal documents to get a bail bond. You should know something isn’t right if your engagement with a bail bond agent does not involve any paperwork,

Go beyond checking their website.

When talking to a bail bond service, don’t take the company or agent’s word for it. Today, even fraudulent businesses create and maintain websites, which means a company’s online presence does not prove the legitimacy of their business. See if they are duly registered and have satisfied all requirements to offer a bail bond service in Denver. It also helps to find out what their previous clients say about their service.

Don’t fall for discounts and rates that are too good to be true.

Generally speaking, it is cheaper to engage the services of a bail bonds company than to post bail. Someone who offers incredibly low rates, massive discounts, and easy payment options may be scammers. Know the average bail bond prices and rates, and don’t hesitate to ask why they aren’t complying with industry standards.

Be aware of the scamming ways of fraudulent bail bond companies and agents.

Many scammers operate by conducting cold calls and soliciting. Typically, they inform you that your family member has been arrested and you need their bail bond service for your loved one’s release. You may also be asked to agree to payments made over the phone. Remember that legitimate bail bond companies do not solicit or make cold calls! Instead of agreeing to their service, confirm the arrest and go to a real and trustworthy Denver bail bonds company.

Being in a crisis caused by the arrest of a loved one can induce feelings of anxiety and panic.  You can become more vulnerable and might make drastic decisions. Stay focused and don’t become a victim of bail bond fraud! Trust only a legitimate team of Denver bail bond agents who have been serving the area for nearly 40 years!

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