Can You Post Bail After Being Sentenced in Colorado?

Can You Post Bail After Being Sentenced in Colorado?

If you or someone you love is convicted and sentenced for a crime, there’s a possibility that you’ll be allowed to post bail if you can find probable cause to appeal the conviction. Acceptable reasons for appealing a conviction include unreasonable verdict, error of law, and miscarriage of justice. If you see any of these in your conviction, you may file an appeal to the federal court of appeals to argue the decision. If you have already been sentenced for the crime, you have the option to post bail and get temporary freedom while your case is being reviewed by the appellate court.

If a judge grants your petition for bail, get someone to talk to a trustworthy bail bondsman in Adams County. They will do all the legwork to get you out of your jail cell as soon as possible.

If you think you’ve been unjustly convicted, you should appeal your case and seek temporary liberty with the assistance of a reputable Adams County bail bonds agency.

When you file a petition for post-conviction bail, it is necessary for you to present convincing reasons why you can be released during the entire course of your appeal. Upon receipt of your petition, the court will look at the crime for which you have been sentenced to determine its gravity. Some states eliminate the availability of post-conviction bail for serious crimes such as murder, homicide, rape and other serious criminal offenses.

Perpetrators of Serious Crimes

As you can see, convicts of serious crimes have lost presumption of innocence for their offense. Their proven acts of violence in the past is enough for the court to believe that they are a danger to the community. Additionally, their lengthy prison sentence is sufficient to convince any judge of their likelihood to flee especially if their appeal fails.

Aside from the gravity of the crime and the length of the sentence, there are other factors courts use to assess a petition for post sentencing bail. These are:

  • The petitioner’s history of failing to appear in court to attend hearing
  • The petitioner’s employment status
  • The petitioner’s relationships with other members of his community
  • The petitioner’s involvement in reckless or irresponsible behavior in the past

If the court finds that the petitioner has a less than desirable character as a person and member of the community, their chances of getting bail while seeking an appeal are slim – even if the previous offenses they have committed are minor. A judge may also deny a petition for bail if he finds that the appeal is lacking in strength and merit.

In Colorado, it is possible to post bail after a conviction. It should give you a glimmer of hope even if you’ve been convicted – as long as you have a reason to file an appeal. Once your appeal is accepted, seek the assistance of an able bail bonds agency like Lucero’s Bail Bonds, the trusted Adams County bail bonds service, for a speedy filing and processing of your bail bond.

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