Denied Bail? These Are Likely the Reasons

Denied Bail? These Are Likely the Reasons

If you find yourself in custody for an alleged offense, the next step is to find out whether you are eligible for bail.

Courts in different states across the country have set the criteria for posting bail. Commonly, the severity of the offense committed by the accused is a major determinant for granting or denying it.

These three factors are also common reasons for the court to deny bail:

Flight Risk

Being a flight risk is the number one factor that any court needs to examine for determining bail. The whole concept of a bail bond is to give the accused person temporary freedom while the trial is in process. The judge will assess if the accused person is likely to run or flee from law enforcement and jurisdiction.

Previous failure to answer bail

Essentially, “failure to answer bail” or “failure to appear (FTA)” is when an accused person was released on bail and did not attend scheduled court appearances. According to one study in Jefferson County, CO, the number of FTA or failure to appear was staggering. If police records show that the arrested person has a “failure to answer bail” history, it’s highly likely that the court will not allow the defendant to secure bail the second time around.

Person’s Background and Family Ties

In deciding whether to grant the accused bail, the judiciary system also takes into account of the defendant’s background and family ties. A person who has an income and possesses assets is more likely to secure a bond, but more than that, the defendant’s familial ties are likely to determine whether he or she will run from the authorities.


Granting bail gives an accused person the opportunity to have temporary freedom, legally, as the court trial progresses. However, paying bond sometimes takes a substantial amount of money from the defendant. In Colorado, defendants and their families can seek assistance from a bail bondsman in Aurora, CO on their behalf.  Our bail bond service is fast, dependable, and available 24/7!

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