Getting Out of Jail: What Options do You Have?

Getting Out of Jail: What Options do You Have?

Presumption of innocence is vital to any court case. However, the court also wants to make sure people who are charged with crimes show up during their court proceedings. The main purpose of bail is to make sure that the defendants don’t take off after temporarily regaining their freedom.

The usual court proceedings dictate that the accused pays the court a fee for their temporary freedom. The fee is usually matched to the severity of the crime committed. Of course, bail laws are different in every county. In Jefferson County, bail bonds might have requirements that are different from other counties and states. Regardless, getting out of jail is a priority after an arrest has been made and before court hearings begin. When you post bail, you don’t have to stay in jail longer than necessary.

What are your options for obtaining release from custody? Here are four options you can look into to get out of jail in Jefferson County:

Release on Own Recognizance

What a lot of people might not know is that you can be released from jail without paying a bail or a bail bondsman. This is known as release of own recognizance. The judge and the court agree to release you from custody, granted that you make an appearance at your court hearings in exchange for your word on it.

But getting out of jail won’t be that easy. The judge can still set conditions you need to meet and fulfill while you are out on your own recognizance. Failure to do so can revoke the judge’s ruling and take you back to jail until your hearing. These restrictions and conditions can include avoiding in engaging with substances such as alcohol and drugs.

Paying the bail amount upfront

If you have the bail money and have the capacity to pay it by yourself, then all you have to do is pay it to the court and be released without having to wait for the judge. When you’re able to provide the bail amount there is no need to contact a bail bondsman to wait for your release. As long as you show up on time during your court hearing, your money will be returned.

Contracting a bail bondsman

In the event that the bail amount is too large for you to cover, you can contact bail bondsman to help you. Calling a bondsman can help speed up the process of your bail out. Call a bail bonds company in Jefferson County to help you post bail and get your freedom back quickly and efficiently.

If you are unable to post the bail yourself, seek the help of a professional bail bonds agent. For the price of your release from custody until your hearing, they will only charge you a minimal 10 percent of your total bail amount.

Providing the court with a security interest in real property

Lastly, you can also pay bail through signing over the ownership rights to your property to the judge or the court. Some courts don’t accept property as collateral because it is a lengthy and complicated process. But in the absence of cash funds, property is an acceptable form of bail payment to secure your freedom until the court hearing.

In case you or someone you know gets arrested, there are four ways to regain your freedom until your court hearing. Keep these options in mind. The easiest option, however, is to contact a bail bondsman in Jefferson County for a speedy and efficient transaction.

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