3 Things That Can Happen if You Violate Your Bond Conditions in Colorado

3 Things That Can Happen if You Violate Your Bond Conditions in Colorado

Not everyone can afford or be allowed to post bail. That is why if you get arrested and this option is given to you, you need to make certain that you follow all the conditions of your release as ordered by the court and the bail bond company.

If you are arrested for a crime in Colorado, a judge will most likely issue a bond amount depending on your case. Before you can be released from jail, you must agree to abide by several bail conditions. These conditions will vary but they will most likely reflect the nature of the crime. For example, if you got arrested for driving while intoxicated, the court as well as the bail bond company may restrict you from driving.

If you violate the bail bond conditions in Colorado, here are three of the things that can happen:

You will be rearrested.

An arrest warrant will be issued if you violate your bond conditions. You will be returned to jail and will have to wait for your scheduled trial. You can turn yourself in, but in most cases, you will be picked up. If you thought “It was easy to get a 24 hour bondsman near me,” remember all their efforts are thrown out the window and you get rearrested as soon as you violate your bond conditions.

You can pay fines and even lose your money or property.

The court may require you to pay fines and you could lose your money to the bail bond company. If you have a cosigner, and he or she put up their property as collateral, then he or she can potentially lose it. Find a reliable front range bail bonds agent that can fill you in on all the requirements so you don’t face the consequences of violating bond conditions.

More restrictive bail conditions will be set if you can have a bond next time.

Based on Colorado laws, a violation or new case can be filed against you for simply violating your bail conditions. If you obtained help from a dependable Front Range bail bonds agency, they can walk you through the new requirements. For instance, you may be required to come to court more often than was first required.

For all your bail bond needs in Colorado, trust only an agency that will give you the right service and guide you throughout your journey to expedited freedom. Contact Lucero’s Bail Bonds today!

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