How Bail Bonds Work for Sexual Assault Cases

How Bail Bonds Work for Sexual Assault Cases

Sexual assault is the act of illegal sexual contact being inflicted upon a person without consent. Unlike other sex crimes, sexual assault is usually bailable.

However, if the crime is categorized as a serious offense under the law, it is highly likely that the accused will have to remain in jail until a bail hearing is set. At the hearing, a judge will determine and decide if the accused is eligible for bail. Depending on the gravity of the crime, the defendant may be allowed to call bail bonds to seek help and post bail immediately.

As with all other cases, the court may set bail bonds for sexual assault offenses to ensure that the defendant appears in scheduled hearings after being released from jail. The judge usually sets a reasonably high but attainable bail bond. Defendants will only need to pay a small percentage of the bail, which is usually anywhere between 10% and 5%. The full bail amount may be paid by cash, check, or credit card.

For a sexual assault case, a judge will usually grant bail to a defendant under these conditions:

  • The defendant should not attempt to contact or be near the person who is accusing them of sexual assault.
  • The defendant will be under regular monitoring to ensure he or she will not be anywhere near potential victims.
  • The defendant may be restricted from leaving the community and will be asked to report to the court regularly.

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