What Are the Rights of Colorado Criminal Defendants?

What Are the Rights of Colorado Criminal Defendants?

Individuals who are facing criminal charges have rights that must be honored throughout the court process. Regardless of the offense, all accused individuals should be made aware of their rights and presented the opportunity to exercise those rights.

Under this premise, Colorado courts are required to respect the rights of a defendant and give the defendant due process as set forth by the Colorado Constitution. Some, if not most, have the right to be released on bail before trial. To help them navigate the process, they should engage the services of a bail bond company in Denver to be bailed out of jail (unless the court denies their bail eligibility). Colorado law explicitly states the classifications of arrestees whose request for bail will not be granted.

Here are some of the rights of Colorado criminal defendants that must be honored by the court.

The Right to An Open Trial in Colorado

The right to an open trial is included in the Colorado Constitution. Under the law, anybody can observe the court hearing, as the court belongs to the people of the State of Colorado. Expectedly, controversial cases will draw public scrutiny, but the judge can decide to close the courtroom if necessary.

The Right to be Free from Excessively High Bail Amounts

It is a criminal defendant’s constitutional right to be free from excessive bail. It means that Denver bail must be set based on the severity of charges. Contacting a reliable bail bond company in Denver is crucial if you are not sure how the process works.

Right to Equal Protection of the Law

Every defendant in Colorado has the right to equal protection and to get the same access to the court and its procedures. This prohibits preferential treatment or giving a defendant a harsher sentence because of his or her age, race, religion, and more.  All laws are applied equally to all people without discrimination.

Right to Legal Counsel

Criminal defendants have the constitutional right to legal counsel. This means a criminal defendant has the right to a lawyer during their trial. If they cannot afford to hire one, a lawyer can be appointed by the court. He or she will present a legal defense that will protect the criminal defendant’s rights.

Right to Due Process of Law

Defendants have the right to due process of law. This means a defendant is provided specific procedures that can benefit them such as the right to call witnesses to help in their case and defense. This also includes the right to testify and present evidence in court. Due process, in its essence, is giving defendants the right to be heard.

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