5 Best Practices for Colorado Bail Bond Agencies

5 Best Practices for Colorado Bail Bond Agencies

In every state, including Colorado, there are regulations on how bail bond companies should conduct their business. This means that any bail bond company in Denver should follow these legal guidelines, among others, as set by state lawmakers:

  • Since a Denver bail bondsman executes a bond on behalf of defendants, a Denver bail bond agent must meet with their clients in the police station, jail, court, or other offices.
  • A bondsman from a reliable Denver bail bond company should interact with members of law enforcement, public officials, or court personnel to ensure that they do not prey on unsuspecting family members of the accused.
  • Bail bond companies should promote best practices and conduct their services professionally.

Best practices are essential in this industry to ensure that all individuals involved are protected by the law. Here are the top 5 best practices for Colorado bail bondsman:

Colorado’s Pretrial Bail Law

On May 11, 2013, a law substantially altered the way judges grant and administer bail in Colorado. It incorporates three recommendations from the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ):

  • Implement evidence-based and standardized guidelines for granting bail and setting the bail amount.
  • Discourage the use of financial bond for pretrial detainees and reduce the use of bonding schedules
  • Expand pretrial approaches and opportunities in Colorado

Regulation on Advertisements

Print advertising of bail bond companies is also subject to state regulation. Bail bond agents must convey clarity in their advertisements by disclosing the full name of the bail bond agency. Specific and up-to-date contact information is also required. Any deceptive words are not allowed.

Prohibited Location

Colorado bail bond agents pursue clients in designated locations only. Most of the prohibited locations are jails, courts, and police stations. However, exceptions may apply if a client asks to meet the bail agent at a specific location. General limitations also apply to the bail bond agent’s work with an existing client. For instance, a Colorado bail agent is not allowed within or around police premises unless a legitimate task requires them to be there.

Prohibited Activity

Colorado bail agents should refrain from gaining business advantage through inappropriate relationships with fellow professionals and government officials. Bail agents should not incentivize a case to benefit themselves, court officials, or police officers.


Colorado bail bond agents need to complete a mandatory apprenticeship before they become full-fledged agents. This is an excellent way to ensure that agents get the proper training and obtain the necessary experience for full-time practice. The apprenticeship requirement ensures clients of knowledgeable, trustworthy agents and reputable bail bond companies.

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