How Long Does It Take to Bail Someone Out of Jail in Colorado?

How Long Does It Take to Bail Someone Out of Jail in Colorado?

When one of our loved ones gets arrested and sent to jail in Colorado, we want them to get out of there immediately. And if the case of your loved one is bailable, then you are lucky because they can be out of the jail through a pretrial release, which is a legal term for releasing a defendant from prison while the case is pending in court. 

Posting bail for a misdemeanor case is the fastest way to get out of jail in Colorado. Bail for misdemeanor cases is often set automatically based on a county bail schedule. On the other hand, the process of posting bail through a bail bonds company could take longer for more severe crimes since bond hearings must be held to determine the bail amount. So, after an individual has been arrested for a crime, he must undergo the legal process and must post bail.


Booking is the first step that all incarcerated individuals undergo wherein the officer collects information such as fingerprints, photographs, names, addresses, and other personal data of the offender. If the offender is arrested for a misdemeanor case, a bail hearing is no longer needed. Otherwise, a bail hearing will follow to determine whether the offender is allowed for a pretrial release or not.

Bail Determination

After the booking process, the court will schedule an arraignment. Bail is used for pretrial release, which acts as a collateral to ensure that the defendant will return to court to attend all the court proceedings. Courts in Colorado follow a New Pretrial Bail Law to determine the appropriate bail amount for the offender. During this bail hearing, formal charges will be announced and a request for bail reduction and even bail elimination may be given to the offender. Then you’ll need to make arrangements with a trusted Denver bail bond company for your bail posting.

Posting Bail

Once the judge sets a bail amount, the defendant’s party can decide on paying the amount or be released through his own recognizance without spending any money, only if permitted by the judge. If there is a bail amount, it can be paid in full or in percentage with the help of a Denver bail bond company. So, instead of paying the total amount, you have to pay the bail bonds company for less than 15% of the set bail amount through cash, check, credit card, or debit card.

Defendant’s Release

Once you have paid the bail, you will be discharged from prison. The discharge process might take 30 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the jail’s caseload. However, it is safe to assert that the duration of the stay in jail of your loved one has several factors, such as the place of imprisonment, crime committed, bail amount, and the length of the court case. And after the release, the offender is bound to adhere to bail conditions. Otherwise, the bail will be forfeited, and the offender will be sent back to jail. 

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