Public Defender vs. Private Attorney: Who Should You Hire?

Public Defender vs. Private Attorney: Who Should You Hire?

If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges, there are critical decisions you have to make as soon as possible. For one, if you are being held at a detention center in Denver, you need to work with a reliable bondsman Denver CO to be released immediately. A bail bond agent will help secure your release so you can prepare your case.

Other than that, you will need legal help for your case. Often, people don’t know where to start. This is why it is also essential to ask a bondsman in Denver, CO for referrals or suggestions as they have substantial knowledge with the criminal justice system. One of the frequently asked concerns of a defendant is who they should hire for their case. Is it best to hire a private attorney? Or will a court-assigned public defender be best?

Public Defender

If you can’t afford to hire a private attorney, you can request the court to appoint a public defender. This is why they are also called as court-appointed defenders.

Pros of Hiring a Public Defender

  • You can request a court-appointed defender at no cost as they are appointed.
  • They have experience working with a variety of criminal cases.
  • They have a better relationship with prosecutors and judges as they work with them daily.

Cons of Hiring a Public Defender

  • Public defenders are hard to get ahold of because of their heavy caseload. This means there is a limited amount of time for you to actually meet with them.
  • The Bureau of Justice Statistics says that public defenders handle as much as 590 cases in a year. Because of this, they have limited amount of time dedicated to individual cases. If you find their work unsatisfactory, it may be difficult for you to get a different court-appointed defender.
  •  Most of them may not be willing to put an intense fight and will more likely push a plea deal.

Private Attorney

A private attorney is someone you select to help you in developing a defense for your criminal case.

Pros of Hiring a Private Attorney

  • You can choose your private attorney based on their success record and find a top-notch defense lawyer for your case.
  •  Private attorneys have more time to spend on your case since they have a more focused caseload. They have more time to look for weaknesses in the prosecution case, which can help your case get dismissed or get the charges reduced.
  • A private attorney can provide more legal resources, such as using private laboratories to test evidence that will be used against you.

Cons of Hiring a Private Attorney

The only disadvantage of hiring a private attorney is that their services may require a substantial amount of money from your end, especially if the case is serious.

Should you hire a public defender or a private attorney?

The advantages of hiring a private attorney outweigh the disadvantage of having to pay for their services. It is highly recommended if you can afford to hire one. Nevertheless, your choice depends on your situation. After working with a bail bond agent for your temporary release, finding the best defense attorney should be your primary concern.

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