When you get arrested for a crime or violation, it is vital to seek help from a legal expert such as a bail bonds company in Douglas County. The Douglas County bail bonds, Colorado agent, will help you get out of the jail as soon as possible. It will help you avoid the dangers that you might encounter in prison. 

Here are the five reasons why jail is not a great place to stay while awaiting trial and why hiring a Douglas County bail bonds Colorado agent will be beneficial for you. 

1. The possibility to lose your job

When you stayed in jail after your arrest, your job’s position might be in trouble. There is no law protecting an arrested person from getting fired at their job when the employee is starting to miss a significant number of days at work. If this happens, the financial problem will add up to your burden. You won’t like to compromise your job, especially if you hold an important position in your company. In this case, getting a temporary release using a bail bonds Douglas County, Colorado agent is a sound decision for you. 

2. The danger of getting abused or injured, physically

Based on the statistics, there is an increase of 180 percent in cases involving alleged sexual assault and harassment in jail. It is not a surprising fact since jail is a place where people who committed different crimes are put in the same place. Even if there are security measures in place, the danger is still there, and these incidents can always happen. 

3. The chance to get sick

Your health might also be in jeopardy if you stay in jail. Usually, you have to share a cell with one or more inmates in a tiny space. That’s why spreading of disease is common and easy. Since there is COVID-19, jail is not a good place for you in a pandemic like this. Additionally, your stress and depression might lower your immune system, making you vulnerable in catching different kinds of viruses as well as COVID-19. 

4. The risk of psychological trauma

Aside from health issues, your mental state might also be at risk if you continue to stay in jail. It is emotionally challenging since you have limited time to go outside, no personal space, or no worthwhile activities. Aside from these things, you are also exposed to different kinds of violence that could trigger your anxiety, stress, and depression.

5. The danger of making incriminating statements

Since you spend most of your time with inmates and jail officers, even a little information can be used against you. The prosecution can easily ask these people to be a witness that will weaken your defense.


Staying in jail while awaiting trial might jeopardize your whole case because of the reasons mentioned above. On top of that, it will be harder for your attorney to speak to you due to  limited visitation time. Also, you won’t be that focused in creating a good defense since you are filled with other things, mostly negative that staying in jail brought you. 

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