4 Surprising reasons why you need to avail bail bond services

4 Surprising reasons why you need to avail bail bond services

Getting a call that your loved one is in jail is the most stressful situation you can get into. As it is unexpected and abrupt, you may get frustrated looking for a way to get them out of jail fast. Will there be enough money for the bail? Is there someone who can help ease the process? 

The fastest way to get out of jail is through posting bail. However, posting bail is a process, and the judge is responsible for setting bail. It also depends on the judge if the criminal offense is bailable and set how much the bail would be. The purpose of bail is to give the right of freedom to the person that is accused of a crime and the amount of bail should be a reasonable amount. Though, most of the time, people cannot afford to pay bail due to some circumstances such as money not readily available and time constraints. 

You certainly can’t leave your loved one all alone in jail, right? But what can you do? This is where your trusted Broomfield bondsman comes in. A bail bondsman will post the full bail amount on behalf of the defendant in exchange for typically 10% of the cost as a form of a service fee. Need more information on this? Check out Denver bonds.

So, why should you avail of a bail bond? Here are some reasons that could definitely surprise you enough to avail a bail bond for your loved one today:

  • Your loved one will get out of jail in no time

A bail bondsman knows the process of securing the release of the defendant in just a few hours. Their experience in the field and the necessary training they have acquired gave them the capability to process the release of an incarcerated person in jail in no time. 

  • You will not lose money if the defendant skips court

Aside from the fact that you will lessen your financial risk by availing a bail bond to secure the release of your loved one, the bail bondsman has the resources and capability to find them and return them to court in case they tried to skip the court date.

  • Paying the full bail amount will affect your credit score

If you pay the full bail amount through your credit card on behalf of the defendant and they decide to skip bail, the court will keep all the bail money no matter the amount. In this case, you will need to pay your credit card dues with your own money and if there is a failure in the payment, your credit score will surely be affected.

  • The bail bondsman will take care of everything

Availability of a bail bond can help in alleviating the stress associated with the bail process. You don’t want to run around getting papers signed, paying the bail, and processing the release of your loved one, right? The only thing that you have to do is to sign the agreement and make sure that the defendant appears on the prescribed court date.

Availability of Denver bonds is as easy as counting 1-2-3 especially if you have the good guys in Lucero’s Bail bonds to help you through the process. They are expert Broomfield bondsmen that will make sure that your loved ones are securely released from jail in no time. Call now!

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