Things You Need To Know About Property Crimes in Colorado

Things You Need To Know About Property Crimes in Colorado

Property crimes in Colorado are typically referred to as criminal offenses such as burglary, larceny, fraud, embezzlement, forgery, car theft, and arson. In addition, shoplifting is also another property crime offense as it is a form of larceny. It is a vast list and can be described as crimes against property/material-based items. 

Protection of Life and Property

The threat against which private security seeks to provide protection are commonly divided into man-made and natural. Natural hazards may include fire, tornado, flood, earthquake, hurricane, blizzards, and other acts of nature that could result in disruptions or damage to the enterprise or organization such as to cause building collapse, equipment failure, accidents, safety hazards, and other events that could interrupt normal business processes causing work delays, stoppages, and loss of revenue. Fire on the other hand is quite often man-made, intentionally or unintentionally. 

Man-made threats on the other hand may include crimes against the person like robbery or rape or crimes against property which are theft, pilferage, fraud, and embezzlement. Moreover, a man can also create a problem through terrorism, espionage and sabotage, civil disturbances, bomb threats, fire, workplace violence, and accidents.

Most Common Property Crimes

  • Larceny-theft

Larceny theft is the most common crime committed. It is the unlawful taking, carrying, leading, or riding away property from the possession or constructive possession of another. Thefts of bicycles, thefts of motor vehicle parts and accessories, shoplifting, pocket-picking, or stealing of any property or article that is not taken by force and violence or by fraud. If you need a bondsman to help you bail out from larceny, you can check bail bonds near me. 

  • Burglary

Burglary is defined as the unlawful breaking and sentry (trespass) into another person’s property with the specific intent to commit a felony crime on the victim’s premises. An example of Burglary is when a thief breaks into a health care clinic at night to steal a computer that is visible through a closed window. If accused of burglary, you can arrange or go to a bail bonds service for expert advice.

  • Arson

Arson is the willful or malicious damage or destruction of property by means of fire or explosion. It refers to the burning of another person’s dwellings under circumstances that endangered human life. In modern statutes, its definition includes the wrongful burning of any public or private property.

  • Trespassing

Trespassing is knowingly entering another owner’s property or land without permission, which encroaches on the owner’s privacy or property interests. It is considered trespassing on land if an individual physically invades an owner’s real property or causes an object or a third person to invade it. Trespass to chattel is when someone’s right of using legally possessed personal property is intentionally deprived or prevented. Lastly, a trespass to conversion is a more serious and substantial interference.

Final Thoughts

While crime rates could differ in different areas in Colorado, property crimes still remain the most common type of crime. It is however diminishing at a pace that is roughly equivalent to the overall decrease in crime throughout the country.

If you know a loved one who has been arrested because of this type of offense, call a bail bonds service as this can still be bailable. They will help you with the process and overall things that need to be accomplished like the hearing dates. You can check a reliable bondsman in Colorado here bail bonds near me.

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