5 Common Crimes Committed during Thanksgiving celebrations

5 Common Crimes Committed during Thanksgiving celebrations

Thanksgiving signals the start of the holiday celebrations complete with good food, family gatherings, and even the annual Black Friday sale that makes people excited. Though Thanksgiving dinner is the main event, there are a lot of activities that can make this day a lot more special. Whether you celebrate outside at a party or you just enjoy your thanksgiving at home, it is important that you still have safety precautions in place to prevent any potential accident or crime happening around you, as they say, crime does not go on a holiday. 

As this is the time to appreciate time with our family and friends, we should also be mindful and aware of the safety of our loved ones to be able to celebrate and eat our thanksgiving Turkey more peacefully. The period from Thanksgiving to New year is seen as one of the most dangerous times of the year since a spike in certain crimes has been reported during this time. Thus, it is better to be more aware of different crimes that are common during one of the most awaited holiday celebrations of the year. 

Here is the list of common crimes committed during the Thanksgiving celebrations:

Drunk Driving or DUI

Probably the most obvious and common crime being reported during Thanksgiving celebrations year after year is DUI or Driving Under the Influence as consumption of alcohol is unavoidable during parties and gatherings. If you are going out to a Thanksgiving party and have one too many cocktails, it is best to call a designated driver to drive you home as driving while intoxicated will turn your festive night into a tragic one.


Many people take the opportunity of the long Thanksgiving weekend to visit their families in other cities or take a quick vacation somewhere away from home. However, this is also a time when burglars take the opportunity to shop around empty homes and take any valuables that they can find. Thus, it is best to make your home look occupied to avoid potential break-ins and to also make sure to lock all doors and windows and inform your neighbor to watch over your house while you are away.


As all your family and friends gather during this important annual celebration, it is sometimes difficult to control escalated emotions, tensions, stress, and even irritability which are also fueled by alcohol consumption and even drugs. In this case, people tend to be more violent and may cause harm to others around them. Thus, it is best to be more mindful of your emotions and behavior to avoid unnecessary disputes and always think that this is the time to be more understanding and patient around loved ones.


Since Thanksgiving is also Black Friday, shoplifters take the opportunity to blend in large crowds of busy buyers and distracted workers and take merchandise without paying for it. Shoplifting becomes a felony in Colorado when the stolen item is worth more than $2,000. 


Gluttony is actually not a crime but a sin. But for the sake of argument, I think it is worth mentioning that Thanksgiving gives the opportunity for people to consume an excessive amount of food, alcohol, and drugs which should be a crime committed against your body and well-being. Thus, when celebrating Thanksgiving, it is important to keep in mind that take everything in moderation to be able to enjoy this joyous season in peace and in good health.

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