How to keep your home in Colorado crime-free this holiday?

How to keep your home in Colorado crime-free this holiday?

One of the classic and most-watched holiday movies of all time is Home Alone. It is a story of a kid who successfully stops a home invasion by burglars using funny tricks and traps. Between the holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, a significant increase in crime rates has been reported during this time of the year. Though this should be the most joyous season, some may choose to be grinches and commit crimes.

As gift-giving is popular this season, burglars will take advantage of this and break into homes looking for valuables. Burglars would survey houses in the neighborhood looking for empty homes that provide these criminals ideal conditions for an easier break-in. 

Aside from potential break-ins, domestic violence also increases during this season. As people are cooped up indoors due to the cold weather outside, frustration from individuals that are on edge builds up more during the holidays. More people will resort to drinking alcohol which can impair their judgment and commit a crime that can disrupt a home. As arrests for domestic violence is inevitable, a bail bonds service could potentially help your loved one get out of jail.

During the holidays, package theft also increases in number since online shopping has been more convenient for people to have their packages delivered to their homes. As people think that every package on a homeowner’s porch has something valuable in it, they will not hesitate to snatch it even in broad daylight.

To be able to celebrate your holidays crime-free, here are ways to make your home a safer place for the family:

Invest in an alarm system or upgrade your existing one

One of the most effective ways to keep burglars from your property is by installing an alarm system. As most burglars don’t want to be caught, the sound from the alarm system will definitely scare them off and save you from a potential break-in. 

Take the necessary steps to avoid domestic violence

If a loved one tends to become violent during the holiday season due to being cooped up inside the house, it is best to go outside and get fresh air or visit a friend’s house to avoid potentially violent situations. Also, doing activities such as decorating the tree, shopping for gifts, and baking cookies which could stimulate happiness in an aggressive loved one may help during these times. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, check out bail bonds near me.

Install a smart doorbell

Smart doorbells have built-in cameras and alarms to alert you if someone is at your door. This smart device can also help monitor your packages being delivered to your home. Thus, to prevent potential package theft, monitor your smart doorbell and put them inside your home as soon as they arrive.

Secure valuables in a safe or lockbox

Once a burglar enters a home, they automatically look for valuables such as cash, pieces of jewelry, and gadgets. Securing your valuables in a safe or lock box and tucked in a discreet hiding place could potentially save them from being taken away.

Keep your doors and windows locked all the time

One of the best pieces of advice to secure your home and possibly the simplest is to lock your doors and windows. As potential burglars tend to go for the easiest home to break into and an unlocked door is an invitation to easily enter your home. Make sure to lock your doors even if you are just going for a brief trip outside. Also, it is best to install an exterior deadbolt lock to be extra safe.

If your loved one has been accused of burglary or any crime, check out bail bonds near me for your trusted bail bondsman to save the day and get them out of jail fast. A bail bonds service might potentially save your holidays and keep your loved one safe at home.

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