Is Hiring a Bail Bondsman Worth It?

Is Hiring a Bail Bondsman Worth It?

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While you are free to post bail using your own money, there are some advantages you can get by hiring a bail bondsman near me. Here are a few things to consider that will make you realize the worth of getting a bail bondsman near you.

Your loved one will get home

Some people can get out of jail through theirĀ Own Recognizance (OR). It means that the defendant can get out of jail without paying. The law can grant this to the defendant if;

  • The offense was non-violent
  • The defendant has a good criminal record
  • The defendant has family in the area
  • The defendant has a job within the community
  • The defendant is not a flight risk
  • The defendant is not a risk to himself or others

Otherwise, your loved one will need to post bail to get a temporary release while awaiting trial. People who can’t afford the full bail amount can hire the services of a bail bondsman. The bail bonds agent can send your loved one to your home by posting the bail amount on the defendant’s behalf.

You can keep your assets and money safe.

Bail acts as an assurance that the defendant will attend all the court proceedings until the case’s conclusion. However, if the defendant fails to appear in court or violated bail conditions, the money that you’ve used to post bail will be forfeited. On the other hand, the risk of losing your money and assets will be lessened if you post your bail with a bail bondsman near you.

Your financial matters will be private.

When you pay the full bail amount yourself, the court may need to ask where and how you earned money. Not all people want to get questioned or investigated about their financial matters. So, if you’re going to keep your financial matters private, you can ask a bail bondsman to post bail for you or your loved one.

Bail bonds agents are experienced professionals.

If you want someone who is knowledgeable and has experience in the bail process, you can rely on a licensed bail bondsman. Not only can they help your loved one go home quickly, but they can keep the arrest a secret as long as possible. They can also guide you during the entire bail process and will do the necessary paperwork for you.

The bail bondsman takes responsibility.

Bailing out someone means you have the responsibility to make sure that the defendant will abide by the bail conditions and not skip bail. Otherwise, you have to find the defendant yourself or hire a bounty hunter to re-arrest the defendant. On the other hand, a bail bondsman will have the burden and responsibility for searching for the runaway defendant.


Getting arrested for an alleged crime is a stressful situation. But there are still hopes to continue your normal life while awaiting your trial, and that is possible through posting bail. If you want to know more about this, you can contact a bail bondsman near me, like Lucero’s Bail Bonds at 303-573-5555.

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