Should I Tell The Truth to my Lawyer?

Should I Tell The Truth to my Lawyer?

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“The truth will always prevail” as the famous saying sounds like but when we speak of hearing a case in a court everybody always seeks for the truth to give justice. Truth is essential if one’s life can depend on it based on somebody’s/everybody’s “truth”. 

If you are getting involved in a criminal case the first thing you might want to do is search for bail bonds near me or a bondsman near me in google.  They will absolutely help you. 

Once the bail bonds agreement is done and the case is undergoing hearings in the court, it’s time to get to know your defense attorney. 

 In a criminal case, should you tell your lawyer the truth? Are you going to trust your lawyer?  A Colorado Defense Attorney once confessed that, “Some spin is expected. That’s natural. But invariably it has been my experience that there are those who either intentionally lie about the “toughest” facts, try hard to avoid them, or may withhold the “bad facts” altogether.

But let’s define some terms here. First of all, what is a lie and what identifies it from the truth. As Atty H. Michael Steinberg defined, The act of lying usually involves at least two parties – the deceiver and the deceived. The first one has kept a criminal defense lawyer to represent them in a matter of great importance in their life while the latter at some level may either know or unknowingly participated in the perpetuating lie. In that case, the lawyer may unwittingly participate in the progress of a lie by not seeking harder for the truth. Most of the time, this happens if a lawyer lacks experience. 

The truth on the other as defined is the actual state of things. In giving testimonies, a witness is required to tell the truth, the whole truth , and nothing but the truth.

Should I Tell my Lawyer the Truth? 

Some clients do hesitate to trust their lawyer in the fear that they might mistakenly believe they are guilty of the criminal crime and if their lawyer thinks they are guilty, the lawyer might be able to help him/her as they could. Other defendants might also think that their lawyers might judge them or will not respect them. 

So yes, it’s better to tell your lawyer the truth and they will do the rest. With their outstanding credentials in the justice system and experiences, they can absolutely help you. If ever you are guilty, at least they could make amends or lesser your penalties/punishments. 

The relationship between a lawyer and the client may be unlike any professional relationship. The lawyer aggressively protects the client’s interest above all other competing interests. 

Nonetheless, a good prosecutor will always be prepared for a trial. A defense lawyer must never walk into the court without knowing every detail of the case. If the defendant lies to his lawyer, it will bounce back to him/her which puts the defendant at risk. Telling the truth to your lawyer is the key to making the necessary decisions that are demanded at every critical stage of the case.

So before anything comes up to telling the truth or lying to your lawyer, we must tell the truth to our bondsman to temporarily do our errands while waiting for hearing to start. Check out bail bonds near me or bondsmen near me online.

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