After an arrest, all you think might be how to get out of jail the soonest. You have several options to avail of pretrial release; own recognizance, cash bail, or bail bonds. The easiest would be to release through your own recognizance, but it is usually given to first-time minor crime offenders. While posting a cash bail or straight bail could put a financial strain on you.

The other option is bail bonds. You might have probably heard about the bail bonds agency or bail bondsman near me quite a lot now, but what does a Colorado bondsman do for the defendant after an arrest? 

He gets you out of jail as soon as possible.

Most bail bond agencies operate 24/7, which makes them your best shot to get out of jail as soon as possible. They have the capabilities to speed up your release compared to posting cash or straight bail. You don’t have to wait for a bail arraignment for common crimes since jail has their chart setting standard bail amounts. In this way, you don’t have to spend a night in jail if you will contact your 24/7 bail bondsman.

He is your connection with the jail after your release.

After you get out of jail, the bail bondsman is your easiest connection with the jail. Since they specialize in the bail process, expect to have smoother transactions with the jail officers. The bail bondsman will do the other compliance to the jail even after your release. 

He pledges money to the Court.

Bail bonds are surety bonds wherein a third party, like the bail bonds agency, will pledge money to the Court in exchange for your release. The bail bondsman poses as a guarantor or a person liable just in case you will skip bail. In exchange, you, as the defendant, will have to pay a service or premium fee to the bail bondsman instead of paying the whole bail amount. 

He secures the bail money.

As mentioned above, the bail bondsman will pledge money to the Court and will pay the whole bail amount to the Court on behalf of you. The bail bondsman has the capabilities to generate money, which will be needed in posting bail. That’s why getting the bail bondsman’s service is common to those who can’t afford the high bail amount set by the Court. 

He does all the necessary paperwork.

The bail process entails a lot of paperwork, which the defendant needs to complete before and after the release. And as a person who doesn’t have prior transactions with the jail and the bail procedures, paperwork can be overwhelming. But with the help of a bail bondsman, you don’t have to stress yourself with this paperwork. You have to sign a power of attorney to give the bail bond agency rights to represent the defendant related to bail. 


When you got arrested for a crime, it is normal to find ways to have the easiest and quickest release. You can ask for help from your family, loved ones, and an experienced Colorado bondsman. If you need any help with your bail bond process, call Lucero’s Bail Bonds at 303-573-5555.

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