Cash Bond and Refunds

Cash Bond and Refunds

One of the most common types of bail is the cash bond. It is the easiest way to get a family or friend from jail as long as you have the money available right away. A cash bond is simply a standard bond wherein the person posting the bond pays only cash instead of collateral. Collateral on the other hand is something else of value besides cash like property, jewelry, bank accounts, and the like that a person agrees to use as a promise in exchange for the defendant’s appearance for their court date. Check out what will happen if you don’t post bail as soon as possible.

A cash bond is generally considered as a moderate flight risk which means that there is a chance they will not appear for their court date. If this happens, either a loved one or the person leaving the jail will need to leave the amount of money agreed with the courts in order to arrange for the defendant to leave jail. In addition, the money is refunded upon resolution of the case and the satisfactory appearance of the accused on all court dates.

In case the defendant has not had enough cash for the cash bond, they can avail of Arapahoe county bail bonds. The bondsman will charge a fee of 10% of the total cash bond amount and will post the bond for the charged person. The fee is non-refundable but definitely bail bonds Arapahoe county will help you get out of jail faster without cashing out a large amount of cash.

The bondsman will want to receive their money back and so you will be required to appear for all court dates. It is the bondsman’s job to check in with you on the phone or in person.

If your case is the opposite – helping a defendant get out of jail, you can refund the cash after these steps are completed:

  1. Documents resulting from Judgment/Sentencing, which exonerates the bail bond, have been filed in the Clerk’s Office.
  2. A Motion to Release Bond and an Order Releasing Bond signed by both defendant’s attorney and the District Attorney’s office. This Motion and Order are presented to the Judge for signature. After the order is signed, it is filed in the Clerk’s office and a copy of the Order and supporting documents is sent to the Finance Office.
  3. After the signed Order is received by the Finance office, the Finance Bond specialist will contact the person who posted the bond money in order to verify that he/she posted the bond funds, current address, and identifying information.
  4. After the Finance office, the person who posted the bond will be notified that the check is ready for pickup and certain arrangements can be arranged if the person is far from the area.
  5. To get the bond refund check, a current driver’s license or ID card must be presented.

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